Simplifying the world of credit

Lendsum is a fintech company born in late 2013 to founders Erno Palla (Brown University, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Citi) and Alex Thiriez (MIT, INSEAD, Morgan Stanley, BlinQ Media).

The company has offices in Madrid and Mexico City. With a strong investor team and a cast of all-star programmers, Lendsum will change the rules in the game of lending.

Lendsum | Simplifying the world of credit

Design Philosophy

Lendsum builds technology solutions to evolve the world of lending.
Our design efforts are focused on 4 axioms:



Running a financial operation doesn’t need to be complicated.

Information is captured, measured and clearly presented to allow a few decisions makers to run the operation.



Assuming one is wrong is the basis of improvement.

We are scientists and thus to reach optimums we run controlled experiments within our portfolio, facilitated by our software.



Responding fast is the biggest advantage in an ever changing market.

We modularize our programming and process design to allow for business rules to be changed on the fly for a portion or all our portfolios. This allows for intelligent risk taking.



Managing a portfolio requires fully understanding your risks.

We apply “cradle to grave” controls to measure all interactions of our clients with our product allowing us to:

  • Have BIG DATA Credit Algorithms
  • Run Client-Level Accounting
  • Live monitor risk correlations

Business lines

  • Lendsum Social

    Levers online technologies and social network dynamics to give affordable credit to millions of deserving people.

    Uses an innovative referral system leading to:

    • A quick portfolio growth
    • Lower defaults (”crowdfund collections”)
    • Low touch / low costs operation

    Self-learning credit algorithm, using thousands of data points from traditional sources and social networks. Designed for scalability.

  • Lendsum Liquid (Under development)

    Efficient platform for SME lending with optional same-industry referral reward.

    Two financing solution available to clients: receivables purchase and short-term pre-approved liquidity lines.

    Designed for scalability.

  • Lendsum Consulting

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  • Current Partnership: Kekipo (Mexico)

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