Our family

We are a mixture of nerds, athletes, video gamers, strategists, musicians, chefs and lovers of life. We have more nationalities than team members. We are all from different walks of life but we share one thing in common:

We hate to feel like we are wasting our potential.
We like to measure ourselves against life.

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Our culture

Our Culture
  • Learn

    Strive to continuously improve yourself and others around you.

  • Stubbornness

    Express and be ready to defend your ideas. Greatness is a result of constructive friction. Expect for your views to be challenged.

  • Science

    We are scientists. Assume you know nothing and you will likely be right.

  • Ownership

    Feel proud of your work but also own your mistakes. Optimums are reached by Trial and its cousin Error.

  • Nickname

    Real names are for time off.

  • No face time

    You either have work or you go home.

Founding Team

Nickname: Hort.
Specialties: Finance, Legal & Programming.
Hobbies: Soccer and singing in the shower.
Work: For over 8 years, Erno has built a solid foundation in debt and derivatives structuring, fixed-income markets and asset-liability management.

Most recently he worked as a VP of structured trading for Citibank. Prior to that he worked at Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. Erno’s financial expertise lies in credit, foreign exchange, interest rate risk management and credit securitizations.

Erno holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Applied Math-Economics from Brown University.

Nickname: Clickman.
Specialties: Finance, Operations, Product Design & Online Marketing.
Hobbies: Kitesurfing, Skiing and things that go well with coffee.
Work: Alex most recently worked as a Media Manager for BLiNQ Media, mastering the optimization of advertising portfolios and client acquisition, whilst helping with product development. Prior to that, Alex worked 4 years for Morgan Stanley’s Capital Markets Division focused on debt and derivative financial products for Latin America.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with magna cum laude from Brown University, a Master of Science in Engineering from MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - specialized in Operations and Product Design, and an MBA from INSEAD with Dean List distinction.


  • Carlos Pérez Sáez

    Carlos Pérez Sáez


    Nickname: Cpsaez
    Specialties: Computer security and enterprise development.
    Hobbies: Drones and motorbikes.

  • Ben Colson

    Ben Colson

    Data Scientist

    Nickname: Toaster
    Specialties: Machine learning and predictive analytics
    Hobbies: Basketball and kites

  • Lucio Bresciani

    Lucio Bresciani


    Nickname: Power Ranger
    Specialties: Front-end and Ops
    Hobbies: Smooth talking

  • Pablo Sánchez-Laulhé

    Pablo Sánchez-Laulhé


    Nickname: Cocciuto
    Specialties: Financial Back-end
    Hobbies: Bass playing and defending the weak

  • Fran

    Francisco Novella Fletcher


    Nickname: Mini Me
    Specialties: Front-end
    Hobbies: Chess and Rugby

  • Carlos Rico

    Carlos Rico García


    Nickname: Rikinho
    Specialties: Data analysis
    Hobbies: Poker and Football