Auto Lending

Create your own end-to-end Auto Financing business with onboarding, credit data,
fleet management controls and even asset recovery, all fully customized to your needs.
Process customization
  • In a business with countless partners (dealerships, insurance, GPS tracking providers, recuperation providers, among others) customization is imperative
  • With Lendsum’s software you tailor the onboarding process, including fraud calls, home visits, dealership visits, contract signing, insurance activation, installation of GPS tracking units, and vehicle registry. Keep track of your service providers through every step of this process
  • Even managing your collections risk is adapted to your clients. In response to their transactionality and driving data, choose to implement geolocation tracking, geo fencing alarms, collections visits and vehicle start inhibition
Data rich management
  • Use alternative data sources. Example: use a client’s UBER driving record. Will the loan be used to purchase a vehicle for productive purposes?
  • With algorithmic credit decisioning, you reduce service times and costs while improving credit accuracy, leading to profitability multipliers
  • Enhance fleet management with onboard GPS and gyroscope data. Profile your credit holder and determine vehicle depreciation. Protect your asset with data guided maintenance milestones
Sofware + active risk design and management
  • Lendsum’s team of credit and data experts will help you build the foundations of your auto credit business.
  • Our Credit and Data experts will also assist you in the evolution of your risk management.
  • We offer low monthly fees and participate on the upside. We make money when you make money.

Case Study: DRIVEX
Auto loans to UBER drivers in Latin America based mainly on UBER driving history.

Drivex (MX) is using Lendsum’s end-to-end solution to serve loans to UBER drivers. While traditional solutions rate clients on credit reporting agency data, they have abysmal approval rates. Drivex is disrupting the market by scoring drivers on their driving data and their demonstrated ability to generate a steady income driving for UBER. Ir a la web de Kekipo