Consumer Lending

Onboard clients efficiently capturing more than 10,000 data points on the client’s journey to fuel
algorithms and optimize operations, customer management and servicing.
Advanced underwriting
  • By ingesting in excess of 10,000 data points per consumer, you can identify and exploit correlations in seemingly random data, allowing for effective credit scoring even in the absence of traditional risk data.
  • Advanced machine learning underpins continually evolving credit algorithms that allow you to manage risk and predict performance with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Limit your risk exposure adapting the onboarding and credit processes for each client based on their algorithm score and fraud checks.
Data powered servicing
  • Preventive care algorithms enable you to expand your client pool, keeping even risky clients on track to finish their loans
  • Corrective algorithms maximize your recuperation while minimizing operational investment
Sofware + active risk design and management
  • In addition to all the algorithms and management software, Lendsum’s team of credit and data experts help you build the foundations of your credit business
  • Our credit and data experts assist you in the evolution of your risk management
  • We offer low monthly fees and participate on the upside. We make money when you make money

Case Study: KEKIPO
Introducing term loans to
the online Mexican consumer lending market

For over 3 years Kekipo (MX) has been using Lendsum’s technology to introduce term loans, longer tenor and larger loans, to a Mexican market predominantly operated by payday lenders offering 15-30 day loans and one-time repayment schedules. Using alternative data from website usage, Facebook, psychometric open fields and credit institutions, Lendsum’s software enabled Kekipo to create a comprehensive credit process and a suite of algorithms resulting in a stream of profitable recurrent clients. Furthermore, its well-crafted collections engines have resulted in minimization of collections costs whilst maximizing recuperation. Ir a la web de Kekipo