Bill Financing

Your clients have bills to pay. With Lendsum you can connect them to their Bill Suppliers
and you benefit from providing financing to clients that are well qualified through a history of previous transactions.
High-volume processing and underwriting
  • In a high-volume business, manual risk analysis and decisioning is too slow affecting the customer experience and limiting throughput
  • With Lendsum automate your decisioning from end to end, calculating credit scores in seconds, online or at your point of sale
  • Lendsum’s platform handles all the complex decision making, with continuously evolving algorithms. Or overlay logic-driven processes, including rules-based approvals, fraud flags and black lists
  • Optimize your information needs, streamline your clients’ application and increase conversions
Product Flexibility
  • Reduce your time to market with our product flexible platform. Grow your family of products capitalizing on your existing customer audience. Move seamlessly from bill payment financing to purchase financing
  • Get to your clients where they are, offering disbursement and payment channel flexibility, with our payment association platform and back-end controls.
Sofware + active risk design and management
  • Lendsum’s team of credit and data experts will help you build the foundations of your credit business.
  • Our Credit and Data experts will also assist you in the evolution of your risk management
  • We offer low monthly fees and participate on the upside. We make money when you make money

Case Study: Express Pay Finance.
A nationwide leader in The Philippines’ bill payment and remittance industry launches Bill Pay Financing. Built on data, built for speed.

Express Pay Finance (PH) is using Lendsum’s end-to-end solution to offer bill financing to over 1 million of their existing clients. While current banking solutions accept only 2-3% of applicants and take days to process a loan, Express Pay Finance is disrupting the market by rating clients based on their previous remittance and bill payment transactionality. Now bill payment financing is approved in seconds, not days. As the business grows Express Pay Finance is finding correlations in secondary data sources allowing them to move into new markets such as the vast unbanked population. Ir a la web de Kekipo